Artist Statement

When I’m in my studio alone, mixing paint colors, holding a paint brush, it takes me to a tranquil yet euphoric place. A place where imagination, dreams, hopes and fairy tales happen. The colors propose endless options and reactions, wonderful opportunities to create and recite different imageries. I hope to invite you, the viewers, to that same place and feel what I see.

I make art for everyone – for those who purely admire art aesthetically, for those who can appreciate art deeply and poetically, and for me to express emotions, sometimes having no literary content but sometimes telling stories or sharing in-depth ideas and feelings.

None of my work is intentional; rather it’s developing and evolving daily, and it’s also the result of many of happy accidents.

I’m inspired from what I see and feel from my natural daily surroundings, from listening to the pleasant sounds in music and from the reading of beautifully descriptive words in books, magazines and other reading sources.

I often ask myself: If I had to live in a world without the existence of art or without the ability to make art, what would that world look like?
…It would be like living in the world without the warmth of the sun, the sound of the wind and the smell of the rain. Art is part of me, of us. It enhances our energy and enriches our lives.